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Use your inbox to create profiles of your contacts automatically


Place contacts in lists, assign to categories to manage current status in a pipeline


Add a note to a contact and your meeting is permanently indexed


Automatically push this information to Slack for your team to read

If you need a lightweight tool to manage your team's external contacts, let Index do the heavy lifting for you.

Index Creates Profiles of your Contacts

Index begins by mapping who you know and how well you know them by measuring email flow in your Gmail account. It then creates a profile of each of these contacts to help you manage the relationship and shows you who else on the Index platform knows them.

Manage Workflow on Index

You and your team can use these profiles to manage workflow such as business development, beta testing, sales or fundraising. Or just build lists of who to invite to your Christmas party.

Capture meeting notes with Index

Index automatically contacts you before a meeting with an interactive email that allows you to take meeting notes from your cell for yourself or to share with your team.

Index and Share Information

The notes are indexed against the profile of your contact and can be automatically pushed to a Slack channel so that your team can be kept up to date in real time.

If you have meetings with people outside your team and need to keep those inside your team informed and update to date, then use Index. It categorises, captures and communicates the information for you.

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