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Index maps internal and external relationships by measuring email traffic

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Index combines public information on people with private information on relationships to tell you who knows who and how well.

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April 21st 2014
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Feb 22nd 2016
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Nancy Elles
VP Procurement
Acme Industries

I work in sales management and I use Index to manage cross selling

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You can access your company’s rich database after just one central email sync, and it will stay updated forever.


Algorithms process the duration, consistency, reaction speed and volume of a user's correspondence to give accurate insights into relationships.


Index automatically pulls in information from email metadata and public websites, so there's no need to enter data manually.

Index maps your company's network in real time

See your company's network grow as it happens, without any manual data entry. Our system continually updates to include new reachable contacts and reevaluate existing relationships.

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