FAQs & Privacy Policy

What is the relationship between Index and organisations that use its platform?

Index and any organisation using its platform (business, university, club, institute or fund) are separate and independent legal entities. An affiliation with one entity does not imply an affiliation with the other. The content of Index is not created, controlled, maintained, owned or endorsed by any organisation using the Index platform or any of that organisation's affiliates, trustees, officers, employees or students.

How is my personal information protected?

We know that your data is sensitive, and we are committed to protecting it. We use SSL to encrypt all data transferred to and from our servers. Our databases are accessible only to employees who have a need to access user data in order to provide the Index service.

Index stores and processes all data on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. For more information on AWS security policies, please visit aws.amazon.com/security.

If I sync my email account what exactly does Index access?

Index quantifies your relationships based on how often you and your contacts communicate over email. To Index, a relationship is a constantly changing and subtle thing - not a binary "connected" or "not connected."

Our algorithm uses the metadata in emails to put a percentage on a relationship. By analysing your email data, we can see when new relationships form and how they grow and change. With this information, we can show you your best connection to anyone you want to meet while also helping you grow and nurture your network.

By 'email metadata' all we mean is the 'to', 'from' and the 'date stamp'. We don't look at the content of your emails. Please see our Privacy Policy for more info.

Which email account providers does Index support?

We currently support Gmail, Google Apps, and any email servers that support the common IMAP protocol.

How does Index access my email account?

For Gmail and Google Apps email accounts, we use OAuth to request permission to access your email data. This means that when you sign up, you'll be redirected to Google and asked whether you want to allow Index to access your email data. Once you approve, Google will give us access. It all takes just a few clicks. We never have access to your password.

For email accounts accessed via IMAP, we request your username and password. Our system accesses your email data in the same way as a mobile phone email client.

Can I add multiple email accounts?

Yes. In fact we encourage you to! After you log in, you can click the Add New Email Address link. Your Index account will include data from all the email accounts you add.

Can I select or hide who out of my contacts appears on the database?

Yes you can. Whilst we're all about connecting people we understand that there will be contacts that you'd prefer not to appear.

We have a "Private" setting that will remove a contact from the database and an "Advisor level" that will hide relationship details but not the person themselves. Note your contacts' email address won't appear unless your colleagues already know them.

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